Keltia keep their eyes and ears open for trends and changes

Working as both design support and specialist recruiters we keep our eyes and ears open for trends and changes in the industry and this blog is a way of sharing that useful information with our friends and associates. As you might have noticed the Keltia team recently updated our corporate web site. With more and more people doing business on their cell phones we thought it was about time to upgrade. As part of this upgrade we have decided to begin this blog page. What have we to blog about? Subjects we hope to cover will range from interesting technology, changes in the aerospace industry to design tools and software product reviews and tutorials. If you’re an Engineering team manager, tips and tricks for finding your next indispensable wiz kid or building and managing your existing teams. If you are a job seeker, creating the best impression for your next career move.


Our team is a motley crew from many different backgrounds and interests most of us have something to do with the aerospace industry and all of us are both engineering and recruiting professionals.


For CAD software enthusiasts, we were thinking about having “two minute Tuesdays” this would cover any new insights we discover in our day to day use of CATIA, Solidworks or NX Unigraphics. While on the recruiting side we would like to be a resource for both the employer and the job seeker providing employers with insights in to the do’s and don’ts of creating functioning engineering teams and jobseekers with market focused understand of what employers need in an increasingly competitive workplace.

If this sounds interesting please subscribe and feel free to contact us directly and of course leave a comment as this is ultimately going to become a forum for engineers at all levels of the career tree.