CATIA V5 Wireframe and Surfacing

Prerequisites: CATIA Basics
Duration: 1 Day

Course Description:

This course introduces the Generative Shape Design Workbench. It will provide the designer with the necessary skills to create and modify basic 3D wire frame and surfaces. The wire frame elements, point, line, circle, plane and intersect are shown. Operations on solid models using surfaces are demonstrated.

The intent of this course is to illustrate some of the three dimensional tools available for part design.


  • Generative Shape Design Workbench
  • Wireframe: Points, Lines, Circles and Planes
  • Surfaces: Extrusion, Offset, Sweeping, Filling, Blending and Lofting
  • Open Body versus Part Body
  • Tools/Options
  • Boundary
  • Intersection
  • Surface Operations; Join, Split, Fillet, Translate, Project and Extract



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