Dare Technologies Wind Turbine


Dare technologies has developed a unique concept for a 5kW marine grade, portable wind turbine for use on commercial vessels when the vessel is stationary. This represented significant cost savings to the customer in terms of fuel consumption. Keltia was engaged to develop this concept, specifying the turbine mechanism the nacelle the hub and blade attachments.


Due to the extreme nature of the marine environment a number of important considerations had to be taken into account. These included:

  • Corrosion in a salt water environment.
  • Protection of the mechanism from moisture ingress.
  • Shock and damage due to the unstable nature of life onboard ship.
  • Disassembly and storage to conserve space onboard ship.

Keltia Case Study Wind Turbine


Keltia combined inhouse CAD resources with our well-established links across the engineering design industry to form a multinational design team with Dare technologies with proven track records in Turbine design, mechanical and stress analysts. The turbine key components were quickly specified and a parametric model was created for prototype evaluation. This included a quick release mechanism for detaching the blades when not in use.


Within two months of starting the project we were in a position to deliver:

  • Parametric model demonstrating the design.
  • Specifications for all the key components within the turbine.
  • Spreadsheet Calculations for upsizing the 5kW design to a 10kW version


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