AutoLaunch Ltd.

Located in Co Carlow,  Autolaunch Ltd. was founded in 2002 to service the automotive industry and has quickly established itself as a key supplyer of  Underbody Body & Structure Parts for all the leading Automotive manufacturers. Keltia has been engaged by Autolaunch to provide training to their tool design & drafting team.

Course Outline:

Keltia Parametric CAD training is focused on our clients immediate needs and the way our clients would like to utilise their software. We work hard to understand our clients products, processes and requirements and structure the training modules around specific goals.

Although there is no typical course the following outlines the approach we take:

(A) Fundamentials 

An introduction to the Parametric CAD user interface, the Key tools and their function. File setup, menus, Feature Manager & Design Tree, sketching tools, View & Orientation manipulator and the use of constraints in sketches & assemblies,

On completion, each student will know how to create a 3D component and 2D production drawing and will gain an understand of the relationships of objects on the design tree. The student will be capable of assembling a fully constrained product and producing a 2D production drawing orthographic projection isometric views and parts list (BOM).

Necessary for all contiguous modules.

(B) Advanced tools and Features

Building on the fundamentals course with an emphasis on best practice. The student will be introduced to advanced file settings, reference elements, advanced sketching, Boolean operations, creating and re using components and model features, managing contextual links, understanding methods and best practice for “designing with intent”.

(C) Advanced Surfacing – Generative Shape Design

An Introduction to the generation and use of complex curves and surfaces and their use in the creation of part features and components. On completion the student will be familiar with the advanced surface interface and tool set. Students will be capable of generating primitive and more complex forms using the split, trim and join functions. Students will gain an understanding of analysing and editing curves & surfaces and their use in the creation of solid forms.

(D) Applied Knowledge Learning: Pre-Set OR Task Specific Exercises

Building on the knowledge gained a series of progressively more complex modelling projects are assigned to each student. These Projects can be chosen from the pre-set Keltia project Exercise Library. Alternatively, a bespoke project can be created which will allow the student to apply the lessons learned to a “real world” project as defined by their everyday needs.

Bespoke Project training is subject to the progress of the student. Courses conducted at our Seattle training centre allow for more flexibility in time & Course Structure.




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