A unique blend of creative and engineering talent


We provide an extensive range of 2D Drawings and 3D CAD modeling services using a wide variety of the Leading Parametric software packages. We produce everything from simple components to complex surface designs, to Kinematic assemblies. The best time-efficient modeling techniques are used to generate an accurate CAD model in the right format and on time. As CAD training and Engineering Specialists, you can always rely on an efficient and exact modeling service.


Keltia Design provides a fast and accurate CAD data conversion service. Because we use a variety of the leading parametric modeling software packages we can guarantee model quality. We create or convert models that are fully compatible with your target system, overcoming differences and maintaining the integrity of the model. Because Keltia Design works with all the leading software including CATIA, SolidWorks, Inventor and NX we can help our customers migrate large volumes of legacy files from one system to another.


The Keltia FEA department carries out consultancy work for a variety of components in the Aerospace, Automotive and Medical sectors.  Projects range from small-scale studies of simple components through to whole assembly models or complex non-linear or dynamic assignments.  We have a flexible and hands-on approach. Our engineering knowledge and FEA analysis expertise help our clients to design and build better products within shorter timescales, reducing long prototyping and testing phases.

Our clients include leading Medical, Automotive and Aerospace Manufacturers


We specialise in providing our clients with the virtual design tools which help streamline and speed up key decision making at high-cost stages of the product development process. Our cutting-edge tools and services aim to support Irish medical companies in the development of the next generation of medical devices. We provide FEA stress analysis for component design, 3D data for CNC machining manufacturing and production drawings for inspection and regulation documentation.


Our sister company Keltia Design Inc. based in Seattle WA provides engineering solutions and works closely with leading aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers in the US.  With a wealth of experience and strong links to key people across the aerospace industry we now provide that knowledge and expertise to Irish aerospace industry.


Keltia Design can draw on its experience and skills to solve complicated engineering problems from individual components to vehicles structures large and small. Keltia’s in-house experience and network of specialists support our clients in achieving the optimal design first time avoiding the costly effort of re-design.

We Find Engineers. We Train Engineers.

We Build Engineering Teams.




Engineering Services Case Studies

The Engineering team at Keltia are highly skilled and experienced having each worked for many years across various engineering disciplines. We have an in-house design team of three full  time engineers and we maintain a network of reliable people to call on to providing specialist solutions to various projects for the Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare sectors.

Our Design & drafting team are proficient in providing specialised services like Component Modelling, Drafting, testing and analysis. Follow the Links below to read further on how we bring these disciples together to find the best results for our clients.


Wind Turbine for a Marine application

Drawing Support, Training & Recruiting