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This course introduces the Autodesk Inventor user interface. It intends to give engineers and technical designers the ability to navigate the Autodesk inventor environment. The relationship between tool, menus, and the graphic interface is explained. Starting up Autodesk Inventor, project setup and switching between features is performed. Screen layout, settings and Tool Bar locations are also covered. Mouse skills and view manipulation is practiced. The product structure and file system are outlined. Part modelling and sketcher tool bar are explored using example models. Completion of this course should provide the student with the skills to creating component parts, product Assemblies and production Drawings.

Here is a animated exploded assembly which illustrates the components in an Arbor Press  

Below is an exercise from the first week of our fundamentals training course, where students learn to apply the best methodologies to basic part and assembly  design along with their associated 2D drawings. 

Suggested Audience:

Whether creating new designs or integrating existing engineering documents, this course provides the fundamental skills necessary for the operation of Autodesk Inventor. This course is recommended as a prerequisite to all other courses offered.


  • Start-Up and Exit
  • File Types
  • Command Manager, Tool Bars, and Menus
  • Mouse Controls
  • Dialog Boxes
  • Default Settings
  • Part Profile Sketch and Solid Features Creation
  • Feature Manager (Design Tree)
  • Heads-up Tool Bar


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Designed for users who would like to become productive quickly in using Inventor Motion. This two-day course will teach you how to use the Inventor Motion simulation package to study the kinematics and dynamic behaviour of your Inventor assembly models. Prerequisites: Knowledge of Inventor and the basics of the Motion Manager is required. If you are not familiar with the basics of the Motion Manager, the class manager will send you a self-paced lesson that should be completed before class begins. Knowledge of basic mechanical engineering concepts is recommended. Who should attend: This course has been designed for new Inventor Motion users who would like to learn to perform motion analysis on their designs. The course provides an in-depth session on the basics of building, simulating and refining a mechanical design system.


Course Description: Course duration is 40 hours. This course introduces the Surface Tool Bar. It will provide the designer with the necessary skills to create and modify basic 3D sketches and surfaces. The 3D sketch elements, point, line, circle, plane and intersect are shown. Operations on solid models using surfaces are demonstrated. The intent of this course is to illustrate some of the three dimensional tools available for part design.


This course delves deeper into all of the tool bars that were introduced in the previous five, one week courses. It also introduces Inventor Sheet metal design. The intent of this course is to introduce some of the more obscure tools from the various tool bars and to give the student additional time and exercises in order to assimilate and integrate skills learned in the previous five courses. Further, the intent is to introduce Inventor sheet metal design capabilities and concepts.

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Inventor Fundamentals & Advanced Course
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Inventor Fundamentals & Advanced Course
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Inventor fundamentals & advanced course intends to give engineers and technical designers the ability to navigate the autodesk inventor environment.